FiordiTortona has always been a lover of beauty, culture and art. 


Unique floral compositions for you, which will set the scene and allow emotions to be expressed.


In order to also offer you unique bouquets online, we gain inspiration from works of art that have allowed us to discover evocative new shapes, palettes and combinations in the floral world. Our knowledge of working with our hands and long experience with greenery come together with the inspiration that great artists give us to create unique floral compositions in large sizes for you.

Our bouquets will put you in front of a real synaesthesia: you will feel as if you are perceiving the harmony of the flowers as music, tasting their flavour, feeling their texture as well as their colour and scent, and they will give you a sudden burst of visual suggestions, expanding your imagination.

All this in one bouquet? Yes. Once it has been delivered, you will have the confirmation.